Poker Pro Labs products safety is confirmed by the digital signature

Poker Pro Labs products safety is confirmed by the digital signature

Representatives of ESET, one of the leading anti-virus software vendors, report that a new malware “Odlanor” has been detected allowing online poker players to cheat by seeing the cards of infected opponents.

Users can get infected with Win32/Spy.Odlanor unknowingly when downloading tools or applications from sources different than the official websites of the software authors. This malware masquerades as installers for various general purpose programs as well as installers for some of the most popular poker software out on the market, including Tournament Shark, Poker Calculator Pro, Smart Buddy and others.

To avoid infection, download genuine Poker Pro Labs product installation files from site only. Never install any software from untrusted sources.

Check that your Poker Pro Labs installations are genuine:

All Poker Pro Labs products are signed with a security certificate. It's impossible to inject any malware into original installation and executable files without breaking the security sign.

You can review the installation file properties at any time to ensure the file is genuine by right-clicking on the .exe file and confirming the digital signature.

Also, Windows always shows publisher name and security certificate when you start installation.