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  • Poker Calculator Pro

    Use Poker Calculator Pro to instantly see your hands' winning percentages, hand strengths, odds, outs needed, and more on demand. Includes Hold'em Profile for unlimited hand history storage via … more

  • Tournament Shark

    Get the Tournament Shark advantage and never run into a player that you don't have any information on again.

    Knowledge is key to poker tournament success - Tournament Shark is the statistical … more

  • Holdem Profiler

    Hold’Em Profiler generates in-depth statistics from your own hand histories, giving you the power to analyze your opponent’s play - as well as your own - on a whole new level. With … more

  • Smart Buddy

    Keep track of where and when friends, rivals, and action players play with Smart Buddy - the all-in-one player tracking and notification solution.

    Store as many contacts as you'd like - every … more

  • Super HUD Super HUD

    Il finale in software di poker è qui. Ottenga ogni pezzettino di informazioni gameplay mai avrà bisogno dentro Teste customizable sole su di Esposizione - SuperHUD.

    Azionato da tre … more

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